Well I’m glad it is over and Obama won.  I got up several times in the night to check The Washington Post site for updates.  Then this morning I watched the special on BBC News.  There was one comment that I did not like.  Made by a commentator (maybe British maybe American)  In effect he said “The age of Baby Boomers is over”.  Is this what my parents felt like when Kennedy was elected?  Does that make me old???   It got me to thinking and I looked up ‘Baby Boomers’ on wikipedia.  Anyone born between 1946 and 1964.  That puts me in the first half of the boomer years.  But wasn’t Obama born in the early 60s.  So I am not quite old enough to be his mother.  I have decided I don’t feel old anymore.

Ben is coming home this evening.  It is bright and sunny but raining.  Yesterday I used a frozen minestrone mix to make a nice veg soup.  I didn’t follow the directions or make it in a traditional manor because I like tomatoes in my soup.  I did pour it over dead bread and anoint it with a nice olive oil.  This is a good product.  I’ll buy it again.

chocolate and flies 011

chocolate and flies 010

I was really sorry that Ben was not here last night.  Siena and I watched the Redskins on Monday Night Football.  Yeah I know yesterday was Tuesday but there is a time difference here.  A couple of weeks ago I was surfing the TV and saw on RAI Sports (the government owned station) NFL American Football.  But there was no signal.  Then late on Sunday night I was surfing again and this time there was a signal so I caught the last half of the Titans and Green Bay.  At the end they said the Monday Night game would be on.  I checked and sure enough there it was at 5:30 on Tuesday evening.

redskins 002

There are no American commercials and very few Italian ones.  There are Italian commentators.  Who are delightful.  They are less serious then the American ones.  “OHhhhhh, BRAVA BRAVA!!”  “Buono kick”.  Towards the end they were comparing the cheer “Here we go Redskins” to cheers that are heard at soccer games here.  The whole show is very tightly edited.  I am not entirely sure I saw every play.  A lot of the standing around is cut out.  And the commentators might not be there in person.  They might be viewing a film.  But football is football.  And now I have hope to possibly see some college basketball.  Yeah possibly.  We’ll see.

redskins 003


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  1. Michele

    Try the That’s Amore soup with barley and green beans – pretty good for a frozen soup!

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