A Future Conversation

Martha- “Let’s have one of those good breakfasts like I used to have in Italy”

Bonnie- “I never lived in Italy with you.  What was in this good breakfast?  Eggs?”

M- “Yeww, no!  Good pears and luscious cheese and really great bread!”

B-  “Sure, I’ll just whip that right up with grocery store hard, rot before they ripen pears and some sort of Kraft cheese.”

My cousin Bonnie would never do that to me.  She knows that one day, Ben and I will realize that someone younger than we are should be watching over us.  Bonnie and her husband Pete are very high on the list.  Ben’s daughters are on the same list.  They both have an affection for living in warm places.  A big plus in my book.  So for all of them and anyone else here is that good breakfast.

agritour, olives, pears and cheese 084

Several years ago we visited Italy in the fall.  That is when I discovered the pears.  They are so good.  The skin is thick enough so that if you buy ripe ones you can get them home without being bruised and beat up.  If you buy just under ripe in a day or two they are perfect.  Never any of this rotting from the inside before they completely ripen.  And the cheese!

agritour, olives, pears and cheese 081

The squiggly part on top is marscapone ( a really really rich cream cheese type) underneath is a sweet Gorgonzola.  Such a cheese.  So good.

To go with my good breakfast, the view that I usually take sunset pictures of in early morning light.

agritour, olives, pears and cheese 076


1 Comment

  1. sherrie and franco

    ciao! nice! pears are my fav too, we have a cream cheese and honey topping that we use on the pears after we micro them a little.. we had this at a B & b one time.. delic!!
    love the morning sunrise,, hope all is well..
    my mom is most likely going to a nursing home, soon, she is requiring more care at the assisted living place than their are able to give her.. she always said she didn’t want to go there.. she remembers when her mom was in one, and it was not pleasent.. ok
    ciao for now

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