The Mushroom Hunters

On Sunday when I was across the street picking olives, I looked up and saw a car, backing up the driveway.  It was the same type of car that our friend Rita drives and backing up the driveway would be something that she would do so I just watched.  It was not Rita but 2 older women.  Who by this time have caught on that I am watching them parking in my yard.  Finally one of them asks if they can park there.  What am I going to do?   Tell this 65 year old grandmother type who just spent 5 minutes maneuvering to park “No”?   I normally am very protective of the property but since there is not much growing now and surely they were not going to walk across the street and pick olives with me standing right there, I thought it would be okay.

I continued picking.  And worked my way down 2 terraces and across the field.  When I crossed back and came up the other side of the drive, the car was still parked there.  So I figured they had gone to walk.  On nice days a lot of people will drive out from town, park and walk or jog along the road.  So this was not unusual.  Later I could hear them walking through the pasture.  That was strange.  Most of the walkers stay on the road not walking through people’s property.  Finally they came up the other part of the drive way and I saw they had a basket and bags with them.  Then it dawned on me they were mushroom hunters.  With all the rain there is a fine crop of mushrooms growing.  As fascinated as I am by things growing and harvesting things from the land I draw the line with wild mushrooms.  Just a little too risky for me.  But not for these ladies.

agritour, olives, pears and cheese 054

Note the white box in the upper right.  Those are her cigarettes.  You know, just in case the fresh air out here got to be too much for her.

From what I understood the ones in the basket are probably safe to eat.  And this one is for sure.  It was a real prize and had a name.  Unfortunately the color does not show up but it was a very pale lavender.  Quite pretty.

agritour, olives, pears and cheese 056

These in the plastic bag might be okay to eat or might not.

agritour, olives, pears and cheese 057

And then they were off.  They did thank me for letting them park in the yard.  But did not bother to thank me for letting them hunt mushrooms on the property.  Oh well, what can I say?  Like the sunsets, that people stop and pull off into the driveway to photograph, some things are made to be shared.

agritour, olives, pears and cheese 008


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