Indian Summer is Really Gone

One of the reasons I write about the weather is that when we were considering our move to Italy I read blogs and always wished the writers talked more about the weather.  Sure I know you can look at weather charts and daily temps but numbers really don’t give a full picture.

In September it turned chilly but remained sunny.  I was surprised at how chilly it got almost over night.  Then October came and we had a delightful Indian summer.  Many warm sunny days.  I should have known it would never last.  November just seems to be longs stretches of rainy or cloudy days in a row.  Not especially cold, 50 degrees or so, just damp.  With breaks of one or two sunny days and then back to rainy or cloudy.  And now it gets dark so early.  Official sunset is a little after 5:00 but if it is cloudy by 4:00 I realize I should turn on the outside lights.

We still have not had a frost.  I expected one this week based on the weather forecast but so far it has not happened.  Next week it looks like it will though.  This week I packed up the hoses and started to wrap the outside water pipes.  I am having trouble getting one of them to shut off and have called the plumber.  We are also having problems with the pump so I figured it was worth having him.  Now we have spent 2 days waiting for him to arrive.  I know I don’t misunderstand when each morning he promises ‘this afternoon’ to me.  I repeat what he says and he confirms it.  And then I repeat again and he confirms it again. But then he doesn’t show up. Oh well!

Some days we have a fire all day long.

agritour, olives, pears and cheese 059

Siena will lounge on the couch in front of the fire place.  But this week we did break down and turn on the heat on Wednesday since we were in and out.  We have become social butterflies.  In the morning we went into the market.  That evening we went to a nearby town, Civatella, to meet friends and celebrate one of their birthdays.  Since Siena can’t be counted on to tend the fire and she keeps reminding us that she is older now and should be kept warm we had to turn the heat on for her.  If the sun comes out we can get by with turning the heat on in the morning and then cutting it off during the day and having a fire in the evening.  It is not toasty warm all over the house but it’s not too bad.

The tomatoes were hanging on but I finally pulled them up and threw the plants up in the woods for the deer.

agritour, olives, pears and cheese 062

The space they were occupying is my expansion bulb area.  I have about 50 bulbs left to plant.  I finally drug the remaining plants in to the limonaia ( I know I misspell that).  It rather full in there this year.  I am trying to hold over the begonias.  We’ll see if that works.  I also picked the last roses of summer.

agritour, olives, pears and cheese 083

Il Cacciatore has been closed for their fall vacation.  Today they opened back up.  Paolo, always the jokester,  was telling me about their trip.  Oh, he said, we went to Manchu Pichu,  blah I didn’t understand and Lake Tahoe!.  Then I knew he was teasing me.  I stopped by to see them all.  Not that we are in there every day but we do miss them when they are closed.  They are part of ‘safety net’.  I feel a part of me is missing when they are closed. I also made our reservations for Christmas lunch.  We were the first to do so.  Friends from Canada will be joining us for that food orgy.

Next week will be Thanksgiving.  On the 29th Arezzo is turning on their Christmas lights.  We will probably go over that evening and walk around.  Siena hates this time of year because we leave right at dinner time and just don’t come back as soon as she expects us.  Oh she has such a rough life.

That is how the world is here in Tuscany.  Some of these might be repeat sunsets.  Sometimes I can’t remember which ones I have used.

agritour, olives, pears and cheese 073

agritour, olives, pears and cheese 069


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  1. sherrie and franco

    ciao, repeat sunsets are all good!

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