Some of you know my extreme dislike of SNOW.  It started in when I was in high school and had to walk to school in the SNOW.  I was of course the little preppy girl and wore these absolutely nothing shoes (Capezios) that were soaking wet by the time I got to my friend Roberta’s house (4 houses away) to continue my walk with her.  And then they were wet all day possibly drying out at some point.  And after school if I went to help my boyfriend deliver afternoon papers guess what they got wet all over again.  But would I wear different shoes?  Oh NO WAY!  Now, instead of being aware that my feet are wet I pretty much spend the day thinking about how much they hurt.   But this is about SNOW.  My other dislike of SNOW is that I lived in Wilmington, North Carolina for a number of years.  Wilmington is on the coast and the weather and temperatures there are effected by the ocean.  So it was a big deal if the temperatures dropped below freezing or if there was SNOW.  In Wilmington we treated SNOW like a hurricane.  Everyone rushed to the store, stripped the store of toilet paper, milk, bread, beer, chips, Krispy Kreme doughnuts and easily prepared canned goods.  We prepared for the end of the world, because it surely was, and we would go out eating well and drunk as skunks!  Schools closed, businesses closed, government closed.  It was a major weather event and should be treated as such.   When I moved from Wilmington I found out that the rest of the world did not treat the threat of SNOW the same way.  The Raleigh area almost did the same thing but absolutely waited until flakes started falling before showing respect.  Northern Virginia was completely different.

Now let me tell you!  When Ben and I started talking about moving to the Northern Virginia area he assured me that it rarely snowed and when it did it melted fast.  The stars of love blinded me.  I should have rethought it.  As we were moving and I was driving my ‘new to me’ Volvo from North Carolina to Virginia when we crossed the state line, a Virginia Highway Department truck spreading sand and salt spread a rock into my windshield cracking it.  Less than 15 minutes later SNOW started falling.  By an hour later there was a lot of SNOW.  I tried to change from the far right lane of the interstate to the next lane.  Instead I went in to a slide and slid horizontally from the far right lane to the far left breakdown lane and back to the middle lane, screaming the entire way.  An hour and a half later when we finally reached our destination I shook and cried for 15 minutes and decided then and there that nothing is so important that I should ever have to be in that situation again.  SNOW should be respected and I will just hide in my house, thank you very much!

Last night when I was watching the news there were pictures of SNOW in London, Paris and Berlin.  I didn’t think that London got that much SNOW. On the map this was a big storm headed  towards Italy.  The Italian forecasts called for rain with SNOW in the higher elevations further north.  Imagine my surprise when I looked out this morning.

san miniato 037

Yeah it was less than an inch but SNOW is SNOW in my book.  After I saw the highway truck scraping and salting the road we ventured out.  And went to Arezzo for our weekly shopping trip to the Essalunga.  We also stopped at OBI, a Home Depot/Lowes type of store.  I saw these great Christmas things there.  Now who doesn’t want a silver lizard crawling on their table at Christmas?

san miniato 038

And check out these penguins.  If I had money to burn they would have been mine.  I might check back for them after Christmas.

san miniato 039

From the OBI we went to the Esselunga.  I thought this shopping list left on one of the carts was cute.  The use of a ‘post-it’ means it must be a high end person shopping or someone who works in a business where they can get post-its easily.  They are expensive. Pile (which are batteries) were a big part of the list.

san miniato 040

A sunset from a prettier day.

san miniato 001


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  1. sherrie and franco

    SNOW!!! wow I were surprised about the snow!! aauugghh!!!
    how was the driving in it?? you must be a pro after living with it back east! haha… we have cold and rain here… how was your Turkey day? did you go somewhere? we were here at home.. it was nice,,
    ciao for now

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