Finishing the Green Olives

The olives, after bathing in olive oil and flavors for several days and taking up valuable counter space were ready.  At least I decided they were.  I got the jar collection together.  In the states I had canning jars.  A vast collection of them.  Here canning jars which are made in Italy (Italy has a large glass, both decorative and functional, industry) are about $1.00 each.  So everyone saves jars and reuses them when possible.  I made labels.  Here they are.

lights in mss,croissant, olives 072

So from 1 tiny little tree I got 5 medium size and 1 small jar and half a quart size baggie of olives.  Now those of you that we are coming to visit in June, don’t expect any of these as gifts.  They have a short shelf life (and have to be stored in the fridge, another big space issue problem) so they will be eaten or given away here.  And one of each flavor is for one of the owners of the property that we will probably see after the new year.  There is not much meat to them but good flavor, especially the ones with hot peppers.  I feel so self sufficient!  Ohhhh, I’ve made olives, how cool is that?


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