A Case for Nancy Drew or The Hardy Boys

We finally had a killing frost.  I pulled down the tomatoes and with great difficulty cut back the lantana.  Pruning is very hard for me.  When I first lived in Raleigh, every spring when I repotted my asparagus fern I would take it across the street to Mrs. Bagwell.  She would take a butcher knife to the root ball, divide it, and cut the green part of the plant back for me.  All the while, I watched and flinched.  That must have been amusing to her.  She happily did it for the entertainment.  Anyway, I made it through cutting back the lantana and covered them with a nice blanket of pine straw.  Then I started on the bed where the tomatoes had been.  That is my expansion bed for spring bulbs.  Siena has been pointing out that it is December and there are still over 50 bulbs that need to be planted.  And those pots she walks past everyday still have dead portulaca in them.  “Isn’t there a gardener on this staff?  Is it that lame one that I used to have in Virginia?  That gardener was so bad!  The grass was never cut when it should have been!  And look at this grass here…”  Well you know Siena, always the Princess.

So I am digging in the bed and dig something up.  What’s this?

lights in mss,croissant, olives 005

I’m thinking it’s some type of mushroom/fungus.  But no it’s flaky????  What exactly is this?  Finally it dawns on me this is an Italian croissant.  Italians are not great bakers like the French.  Italians can mange great bread but not pastries.   But how did this thing get buried in my tomato bed?  And how has it survived almost intact?

There is so much wild wildlife here that I don’t throw out dead bread or food for birds, deer, squirrels or whatever.  So I did not throw this out and our garbage remains in the house until it goes into the car for the trip to the collection bin on the highway.  We all know Ben is incapable of throwing anything away so he didn’t do it.  Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, what do you think?

I left the evidence and finished the beds.  They look good.  But watch this space!  Appearing in three months or less, glorious daffodils and other spring flowers.  Unless of course they are attacked and taken over by a dozen croissants.  Maybe I should replant that thing above.  It is a croissant bulb.  I could have a big enough crop that we would not have to buy any croissants all spring or summer.

lights in mss,croissant, olives 006

And I planted the pansies.  Siena gave them a small nod on her way out the next morning.  Glad to know I have made her happy.

lights in mss,croissant, olives 010


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  1. Joe Beene

    Croissant? It looks like a frozen turtle to me.

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