You just never know

My cousin’s husband’s aunt died last week.  It was sudden, not expected at all.  The people who have told me about it keep saying, “She had cooked Thanksgiving dinner for her family.”  This might be her last memorable act on earth.  I think they keep saying that to prove the point that she was young and healthy.  She was 56.  Her husband just retired the week before.

Her story reminded me of something that happened when I lived in Wilmington, NC.  One Saturday morning, a woman who lived about 6 blocks from me was found dead in her bathtub by her husband.  He had just gone out to Hardees for breakfast biscuits.  She went to take a quick bath.  When he came back she was dead.  She had just retired.  I remember when I read that in the paper, thinking that could happen to me.  I don’t want that to happen to me.

My father retired the first chance that he could.  He was retired almost as many years as he had worked for the school system.  I have always been very proud of him for doing that.  My brother waited one or two years after he was eligible to retire and then did.  Within six weeks of his last day at work, he fell and broke his back.  While he has recovered, he still lost a lot of his ability to move about freely.

On a happier note my Aunt Mary turned 96 this week.  Here she is two years ago.  Making her eggplant Parm.  Very tasty!

oc, france, italy 004

She looks better than this now because she had her ‘eyes done’.  It is a Taccarino family trait.  Our eyelids lose muscle tone and really start to droop.  At some point it starts to impair vision and when that happens insurance will cover it.   She is still very active and alert.

So while you just never know, I think I’ll plan to live at least 40 more years.  And some health plan better cover having my ‘eyes done’!


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  1. Yes, you just never know! Thanks for the story. I took that approach and went to my nephew’s wedding in Atlanta. Looking at the pictures, I seem to have had a great time – with no such expectations beforehand.

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