Why I like Tiburtina Station so much more than Termini Station.

rome last day, peter visit 030

I think the picture says it all.  I doubt there is ever a time of day when you could stand in Termini station and take a shot like this with no other people in it.  Tiburtina is being refurbished to accommodate the handicapped which means RAMPS and moving walks rather than escalators like the ones at Termini that don’t work.

rome last day, peter visit 031

See even if this isn’t working you could still roll your suitcase up or down it rather than having to carry it.

The down side to this is that it doesn’t have as many trains from other cities that stop here.  For example the trains from Arezzo

run only every 2 hours rather than every hour.  And the trains are usually locals.  But there are no stairs at all in making the connection to the Metro, to other trains (like the one to the airport) or in getting out to a taxi.  That is why if I am helping anyone plan their trip I will probably send them through Tiburtina and not Termini.

Here is a link about transport to and from the airport that might explain things better.  http://www.rometoolkit.com/airport/fiumicino_airport_train.htm

Ben also figured out that the handicapped car on the train is a roll on roll of car rather than a big step up like the other cars are.  Much easier for us to get on and usually a newer car.

rome last day, peter visit 032

I can only hope that this is the future of all train travel.  Oh please please please!!!


July, 2011 note:  There was a major fire at the Tiburtina station.  Before planning to use it make sure that it has reopened.


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  1. Hi, I am planning my next vacation destination and found your blog very informative, thanks

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