Cousin Visit

What a good year for cousin visits!

At the end of last year, you might remember that my cousin, Bonnie and her wonderful husband, Pete visited us. We were all in Rome together for a few short days. It was a great holiday celebration with lots of good food and time spent together.

That visit was quickly followed by a longer visit from young cousin, Peter. He helped us get things done around the farm and certainly made a few cold winter weeks more entertaining.

Now, just a few days ago, we had a visit from cousin Jeanne and her companion, John. They were traveling in Italy and visiting the places where John grew up.

We had such fun together; getting stuck in an elevator, …

jeanne, olive picking 021




having a great lunch, exploring Cortona together and coming back to the farm to cook dinner together.


jeanne, olive picking 040


It is so much fun to have guests but even more so when the guests are my cousins. We eat, drink and laugh in the country where our grandparents were born and grew up. I like to think that they and their sons are looking down from heaven to see what a great and lucky family we turned out to be. The choices and sacrifices that they made have made all of our lives that much better. It is so wonderful to be able to enjoy visits from family and we hope to see everybody again. All the other cousins who still need to visit, start planning!


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