Meredith College Visit

The woman’s college, Meredith College, that I graduated from in Raleigh, North Carolina has a year round study abroad program in Sansepolcro.  Here is a link to the program.


Sansepolcro is about an hour’s drive away from us, northeast of Arezzo.  The program is contained on two floors of a palazzo in the heart of town.  Classrooms, dorm rooms, common room and dining hall all together.  It is a very safe, nurturing environment for a semester’s worth of credits that can be applied towards a degree and the bonus of learning how to travel independently.  A really great program that costs no more than a regular semester at Meredith and is open to women at other colleges and uninversities.


Each semester, the director of the program, Dr. Betty Webb, is nice enough to invite Ben and me over for lunch.  We meet the students and get to enjoy their enthusiasm for Italy.  This year we included our friend, Mentha.  Several years ago, Mentha decided to come live in Siena for a year.  She is a strong, independent woman who has a good story to share and I thought it would be a good match.  And of course we all had fun.


brit tgiving, meredith 062  


The dining hall.


brit tgiving, meredith 063


Margarita’s wonderful cooking.


brit tgiving, meredith 064


brit tgiving, meredith 065

John Rose (Dr.Webb’s husband), Dr. Webb, Martha and Ben.  We were on the way out that is why we were wearing coats.  There was heat!



I can not say too many wonderful things about this program.  Click on the link above and you can read the students’ journals.  And tell someone else about it.


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