Stufa, Part 3

Please read parts 1 and 2 for this to make sense.


Of course it started to rain and got dark before the guys could finish, but they preserved.


cortona thanksgiving 028


cortona thanksgiving 032


Then, we waited again… for the cement to dry… before tractor guy returns to show us how to start it up. 



cortona thanksgiving 037


Finally Alessio (on the left) and tractor guy, Stefano, (on the right) arrived to fire it up.  Even though neither of them like the pipes we bought, but our carbon monoxide detector is wonderful, they agree to start it up.  They are sure the house will fill with smoke.  But it doesn’t!  Horray!!! we have heat.  This story of the stufa might be coming to an end, I think.  Wrong wrong wrong!  Look for part 4.


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