Stufa, Part 4

Read parts 1-3 so this will make sense.


Foolish me, I thought just getting the stufa installed was enough.  Oh noooooo! Now it is pellet time.  How many brands and type of pellets are there????


cortona thanksgiving 092 


Apparently the same as the number of raindrops that continue to fall in Tuscany this year.  We are coming to the end of a 2 week process of interviewing pellets.  Our stufa is a little bit fussy.  More sophisticated (read more expensive) stufas can be set for different types of pellets.  Ours can not.  If it doesn’t like the pellets it just won’t burn them.  Actually it will start and burn them for a few hours but doesn’t burn them up completely, which blocks the air intake.  Then it just starts shooting them out faster than they can burn so the stufa has to be stopped and cleaned.  We figured this out on the third bag of a 10 bag supply that we bought.  So it was back to more shopping.  Buying one of each kind of bag from various stores and then giving them a try.  The bags which cost between 4 and 5 Euros last from 24 to 36 hours.  We now think we have found a favorite brand at 4.20 Euros a bag from our local hardware store.  The other panic about pellets is that stores run out of them if it is a severe winter.  A few more days of using our fav and then we plan to stock up for the season. 


cortona thanksgiving 090


Stocking up might be a good thing.  This was the 3rd snow in less than 10 days!  Yes it melted fast but still! 


For right now, I hope I am finished with the story of the stufa. 


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  1. Michael

    Wow — that was a lot of talk about getting a new heater! I sure hope it does the job.

    I’m now waiting for Keith’s Olive Oil to arrive…it was my splurge for the holidays.

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