Robin, hurry, get the Batmobile!

The doors to our living room are glass and outside of them is a metal grated door that we cover with screen during the summer.  This metal door locks very securely so for most of the summer we leave the glass doors open.  There is a tiny, I mean tiny, gap at the top of the grated door.  Occasionally during the summer a bat will slip through this tiny opening and I will hear it batting around (pun intended) in the living room.  Just by opening the grated  door in a few seconds it is able to find its way out of the house.


The other morning as I was going out to feed Elizabetta I saw a furry, inert object on the sill between the glass door and the metal door.  Very cautiously I poked at it.  Still no movement.  Using a hand trowel I moved it outside. 


cortona thanksgiving 001


Looks like Batman flew through the crack, slammed into the glass door and Robin was not around to save him!  I left the body for a few days in case Elizabetta was interested in a snack but she likes to hunt her snacks herself so she turned her nose up at it. 


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  1. bagnidilucca

    Poor little thing – perhaps it needs decent burial.

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