2nd Stop, Snow Trip, Part 3, Virginia

We left New York in a snow storm.  It snowed all the way to Maryland and then stopped.  We did make it in one piece to our former neighbors, Jane and Tony in Virginia.  In time for dinner with them and Jack and Christopher at Sweet Ginger.



snow trip, Spring D, NOLA 022


My favorite noodle dish.  Hmmm, I should eat this once a week.


Then a quick stop at a holiday party given by the head of the Hospitality Management department at the college where I worked before leaving the US.


snow trip, Spring D, NOLA 023


Here’s Janet showing off her bottle of extra virgin olive oil that she ordered from our friends Tania and Keith.


Sunday saw us at Fortune for dim sum. 



snow trip, Spring D, NOLA 032


We were joined by my cousin, Joan and her husband Chris.  And..


snow trip, Spring D, NOLA 028

‘The Saints’, Joe and Joyce who stayed at the farm during our last trip to the US.  Also there were Tom and Marsha, Michael Barry, Tom and Mary Gutnick.


Then a trip to Arlington Cemetery to visit with my parents and a over to Maryland to see a friend of Ben’s.  We were worried about a snow storm that was coming so we left early on Monday for North Carolina.  Look for another post.


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