The start of Snow Trip, 2011

Our friends George and Jules (Chino’s people) took us to the train station in Arezzo.  {George and Jules will be at Podere Covivole while we are gone and will be caring for Elizabetta}.  So knowing that she would be well taken care of, we were off.


snow trip, Spring D, NOLA 011


On the train to Rome


We took the train from Arezzo to the Rome Tiburtina station and then transferred to the local train to the airport.  We were met at the airport by the nicest of B&B owners, William.  (    William took us and our many heavy bags to his ocean front B&B,  B&B Airport Beach.  We stayed in a very clean, nice room for the night and then he took us back to the airport the next morning and we were off.  (All for a very reasonable 70 Euros) 


snow trip, Spring D, NOLA 015 


The really cool lamp at the B&B.


snow trip, Spring D, NOLA 016 


Waiting in the airport. 


There will be more parts of our trip later.  Look for them.  And those of you that we are visiting…. I know if you don’t read my blog and ask me questions I have already answered here. 


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