4th Stop, Snow Trip, Part 5 Alabama

Many, many years ago in southern Maryland, Ben used to go fishing with his friend, Ron Beerman.  From the picture below you can see that they were very successful.  

snow trip, Spring D, NOLA 059


So on our way to New Orleans we stopped by to visit with Ron in Alabama.  On Tuesday, January 11, we both got our driver’s licenses in North Carolina.  Ben’s Virginia license had already expired and mine was expiring in May.  So it was a pretty important activity for both of us.  On the way to North Carolina we had dodged the snow storm, but we saw the remnants of it as we passed through South Carolina and Georgia.  We were on the interstate and the roads were fine.  Then we got to Atlanta.  On the interstate, 3 days AFTER the storm there were still lanes blocked by snow.  The other side of the interstate, the east bound direction was completely closed.  It took us between 2 and 3 hours to get around Atlanta.  That delayed our arrival at Ron’s house but we did finally get there and were whisked off for BBQ. 



snow trip, Spring D, NOLA 056


There was Miller Lite beer and ACC basketball on TV.  It couldn’t have been better. 

The next morning we toured Ron’s house and VERRRRY ORGANIZED workshop.



snow trip, Spring D, NOLA 065



snow trip, Spring D, NOLA 067



snow trip, Spring D, NOLA 074


So remember those two skinny men with fish  in the picture above.  Well, here they are today.   It was a great stop and so nice for Ben to see Ron again. 


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  1. janiceLee Kelly

    ymm b-b-que ! sure can tell you are in the american south – saltines AND white bread on the side ! sweet t too, no doubt.

    i always gain 5 – 10 # when i go to louisville!


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