5th Stop, Snow Trip, Part 6, New Orleans

In New Orleans, we were visiting Ben’s  daughter, Maria, her companion, Duncan and their daughter Spring, all of whom live there.  Also visiting from Mexico was Ben’s daughter, Annalisa.  Ben’s sister, Bea was supposed to come too but at the last minute couldn’t make it.  So it wasn’t quite a family reunion but almost. 


On our first day there, we decided to ride the trolley from the end of the line into the center of town.


snow trip, Spring D, NOLA 106




snow trip, Spring D, NOLA 099



snow trip, Spring D, NOLA 101


Maria, Duncan and Spring.  Spring’s first trolley ride.    We passed by the ‘hat shop’ and realized that they would probably have a hat big enough for Ben.



snow trip, Spring D, NOLA 103


And we were right!  Spring looks pretty pleased too. 


We made a quick stop for a snack (more about it in another post) and finished the day with a seafood dinner.  Amazingly, the least expensive dinner of our few days there. 


It was so nice to be treated like a visiting guest, with someone else making suggestions of things to do and places to eat, driving us around and making it a wonderful relaxing time for us. 



  1. juliana

    I’m so glad to see that you are getting to be the guest for a change! Looks cold in New Orleans…

  2. sherrie and franco

    aaww.. sounds like you are having a great time! nice to see a pic of Springs Daddy!! are ya having some great cajin food??
    nice that you are not having to plan and order….

  3. Lucky you. I always wanted to go to New Orleans, but I imagine my experience of it now would be somewhat different to my experience of it 20 years ago!

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