6th Stop, Snow Trip, Mississippi, Ben finds more friends

Well, it seems as if Ben has friends tucked away in just about every corner of the South.  While we were visiting my brother in Vicksburg, we met up with a family friend, Peggy Huggins.  Peggy had known Ben’s parents.  When she was a young bride in Mississippi, her husband was stationed in Norfolk and living in a barracks.  He wanted her to visit but could not afford to pay for a hotel for her to stay in.  Ben’s parents offered to let her stay with them.  She visited several times, last seeing Ben in 1958.  Through the years, Ben’s sister, Bea had kept up with Peggy so Ben was able to arrange to meet her and her daughter, Jen in Jackson at the Cracker Barrel. 


snow trip, nola, miss, nc, va 017


Keep in mind, this was at the Cracker Barrel (a restaurant) so that is not a family photo (from either family) in the background.  I managed to eat AGAIN!


snow trip, nola, miss, nc, va 014


Fried okra, which was okay and chicken and pastry (chicken and dumplings) was the best!


snow trip, nola, miss, nc, va 020


I like these black and white photos.  Another fun visit with friends.


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