8th Stop, Snow Trip, Oxford, NC part 1

This is getting a little tedious isn’t it?  Viewing our vacation pictures… Well, what can I say.  We spent a whole week in Oxford, North Carolina.  Oxford is about a 45 minute drive from either Raleigh or Durham North Carolina.  We were there because our friends, Jim and BK live there.  Also living there are Ben and Phillip.  I know all four of these folks from living in Oakwood (http://www.historicoakwood.org/history.php)  the historic district in Raleigh where I bought my first house in 1974 (maybe).  Ben and Phillip moved out of Raleigh to Oxford first and then suggested moving there to Jim and BK.  And now they all think that when my Ben and I come back to the US that we will want to live there too.  Don’t know about that for sure, but the new library sure helps (see another entry about the library)


Anyway we did lots of fun things in Oxford and in Raleigh.  There was shopping, eating (of course) and a lot of just sitting around being thoroughly and completely SOUTHERN.  Which means that we sat around and talked and laughed and talked and laughed and teased and joked and just were SOUTHERN.  And maybe it is because we have a long shared history that makes this a special part of our trip.  But that still doesn’t mean I can move back to Oxford.


snow trip, nola, miss, nc, va 077 

Two Peas in a Print Pod, Martha and BK


snow trip, nola, miss, nc, va 071



snow trip, nola, miss, nc, va 076

Jim, BK, Phillip and my Ben.


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  1. juliana

    Hi Missy! Thanks for all the updates on your trip – and especially the link to the Oakwood web site. So nice to see it is now a National Register district.

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