8th Stop, Snow Trip, Oxford, NC part 2 Quilting

BK joins things.  You know, groups.  I am not a joiner.  (Actually, now don’t laugh, I’m shy.  So joining a group activity with folks I don’t know would be very hard for me to do)  The groups that I know BK belongs to are the Sunday school and church, the Granville County Historical Society, the friends of the library, the garden club, the quilting group.  She also takes food to just about anyone who has the sniffles or anything else.  She maintains a huge house.  She is trying to complete her very detailed photo albums about her trip to Italy last spring.  She is really a busy person.  She and Jim have this calendar that has to be consulted before scheduling anything.  But they both had blocked out time for us.  And we filled that time.  I agreed to go with BK to her quilting group.


snow trip, nola, miss, nc, va 058

4 members of the Quilts Like Crazy Quilting Bee which meet Tuesdays 10AM-1PM

(purple vest)    BK McCloud

(striped shirt)    Debbie Powell aka Miss Lou

                           Owner of Miss Lou’s Quilting Studio

(dark jacket)     Barb Bockiaro

(white sweater) Sandy King


These women meet each week, bring whatever project they are working on, work on it, help each other, exchange news and just enjoy being together.  Barb and Sandy drive up from Raleigh (a hour drive) to be part of this group. 


snow trip, nola, miss, nc, va 054  


snow trip, nola, miss, nc, va 055

Other projects in the shop.



snow trip, nola, miss, nc, va 061 


BK had some spare time so she whipped up this quilt.  (HA HA)  I doubt I could ever manage something this challenging.  I was not quilting but working on a sewing project which won’t be completed until we return home to Italy (you’ll see it then).  These ladies allowed me to join them.  It was a fun activity and something I would want to do if I lived nearby.


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