9th Stop, Snow Trip, Virginia Again, Getting together with friends

We were back in Virginia again, staying in our old neighborhood with our next door neighbors, Jane and Tony and their sons Jack and Christopher.  (They will forever be our next door neighbors, even though we have not lived there for over 3 years now.)  We arrived on Saturday night and enjoyed Thai food from Natta Thai.  http://www.nattathai.com/   (More about that in another post)  On Sunday morning we were back at Fortune for dim sum.  A different group of folks this time.



snow trip, nola, miss, nc, va 108

Martha with Roberta.  Roberta has been my friend since we were in grade school together.  It was so good of her to drive all the way over from Maryland.


snow trip, nola, miss, nc, va 109


Also joining us were Linda and Kevin.  Linda worked with Ben and Linda and Kevin have been to visit us in Italy.


snow trip, nola, miss, nc, va 111


Donna Banks and Ray.  Donna is a friend of Ben’s for 23 years.


snow trip, nola, miss, nc, va 112


Betty and Neal.  Ben has known Betty for a long time.  She was nice enough to take great pictures at our wedding.  If she had not, we would not have any pictures at all.

This group, none of whom knew each other before, really clicked.  We had a number of lively discussions.  And finally had to stop because others needed the table.  Ben and I made a cemetery visit to his parents’ grave and then I met my friend Fabrizia at the Starbucks in Vienna.  It was nice of her to come all the way from Alexandria for our too short time together.

snow trip, nola, miss, nc, va 116

Martha with Fabrizia.  Fabrizia has been to Italy to visit us also!


Now you would think that I would have a picture of Jane and Tony and the boys.  Ohhhhh no!  Don’t know why but in two visits, I never managed a shot of any of them.  After a fun weekend, Ben had an appointment and then we left Virginia one day early because of the wintery mix storm that was moving in.  We missed doing so much.   I have to plan better next time.  Maryland here we come.


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