Snow Trip Reflections, Recycling

One thing that I noticed while visiting all of our friends is how few of them recycle.  We stayed in at least 7 different households.  Of these, only three actively sorted the trash and recycled.  In all these households with the addition of us the amount of trash increased.  It was very apparent to me how much could be recycled.  But for a variety of reasons it just didn’t happen in a number of places.  Here in New York, drink bottles (glass and plastic) and drink cans  have a 5 cent deposit.  So my friend Mario, carefully rinses out his beer cans and takes them to the grocery for recycling.

snow trip nina 002


There are separate machines for plastic bottles, glass bottles and cans.

snow trip nina 004



snow trip nina 003


The bottle or can goes in the machine and gets spun around until the sensor reads a code that shows it was produced/sold in New York or Conneticut and is deserving of the 5 cent refund.  (Don’t bring none of them stinkin’ cans from North Carolina now..)


snow trip nina 005


The cans and plastic bottles get crushed, the bottles broken.  When you are done, you push a button and a receipt is printed.  Take the receipt to customer service and they give you money. 


So how about that? 


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