Snow Trip, Reflections, TVs

Just as we were moving to Italy in 2007, TVs in the US were changing from analog to digital.  So many folks had to buy new TVs.  And since we have been gone HD has happened and something called FIOS has come to some cable companies.  When you don’t live in the country it is amazing how something so simple like TV could become so complicated.


Snow trip, NJ, NY 013


The general trend I noticed in the houses that we stayed at is at least two if not three remotes for each TV and if there were no children/teenagers present usually only one person in the household could actually figure out the remotes.  (In two houses, the cable company had to be called and consulted while we were there.)  And then when this one person who knew how to use the remotes explained how to use the remotes to me,  it was in a semi-dark room, holding the remote just out of my reach and my range of vision and pushing little buttons soooo fast that it took several days before I could figure it out.  And just as I figured it out it was time for us to leave.  



Snow trip, NJ, NY 015


And watching things in black and white seemed to be all the rage!


snow trip nina 062



And then there was the cost of cable.. wow really high in most places. 


So what have we watched?  Ben and I spent a relaxing day watching HGTV (we miss that channel).  I have watched a number of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ and ‘Two and a Half Men’.  A lot of competition shows, dancing shows, singing shows.  I think I have seen more of Justin Beiber that I will ever need to see and I’m pretty sure I feel the same way about Glee.  But, not a single ‘I Love Lucy’ or ‘Andy Griffith’  And not much PBS.  I might be getting old!


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