Farro and Cavalo Nero

The chef I used to work with, Mike, and my husband, Ben, would both tell you that occasionally I will get stuck on a particular food, “a food of the moment”.  I’m not sure if there is something in the food that my body just really needs or what.  But it happens.  Poor, poor Ben just suffers through it and never complains.  Right now it is farro and cavalo nero.

Farro is (according to Wikipedia) the grains of a certain species of wheat in whole form.  It is a grain that is chewy.  My friend Mentha made a zuppa di farro (farro soup) that was so good I had mine and Alessandra’s daughter’s helping.  Ben liked it too.  I had to make it again.  The Esselunga had designer farro that was pricy on an endcap with other Tuscan products but just down the aisle with the rice and other grains was a box by Barilla.  (Don’t know if Barilla exports this to the states or not)  I reviewed a few recipes on the web and ended up with this.


chino dec visit 025


MMMMM, Ben liked it too.  Note the green bits, well that is cavalo nero.


mss christmas windows 016


My other current food of the moment.  (A side note about ‘food of the moment’.  It works here in Italy as long as it is something in season.  And most of the time since I’m seeing and seeing and seeing the food that is what gets me interested.  But if blueberries were to be the food of the moment for me right now, here in Italy it won’t be happening or would be very expensive.  Fortunately the food of the moment is usually seasonal and very fresh and local)


Back to cavalo nero.  It translates as black cabbage but it is more of a kale.  Sort of grows on a long stem  like a Brussels sprout or broccoli.  It is sooooo good.  When cooked it is a very “buttery” green.  Sorry, that is the only way I can describe it. 

This will be our third week in a row of cavalo nero and our second week of zuppa di farro.  My Ben, he suffers so much!


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