Project Completed

Soon after we moved to Italy I realized that I should have moved the giant pillow with arms on the side that I used when sitting in bed reading.  A search here did not turn one up.  I couldn’t ask someone visiting to bring one over; heavy, awkward probably would never be allowed on the plane.  So I decided that during our recent trip back I would just make one and then stuff it when we returned.


My friend BK, in North Carolina, sews and quilts and has all kinds of space and sewing supplies.  And she has a senior citizen discount and follows the ads for the fabric stores so she was able to get the $15 pattern for $1.  A good start.


First we went fabric shopping.  The mistake was leaving Ben and Jim in the car.  There were phone calls.   It seems we were taking too long! Imagine that!  We got a plain light weight denim to use.  I spent my time at her quilting club cutting out the pattern. 

Years ago, after my Mother’s death, BK and Jim visited my parents’ house as I was packing it up.  I gave BK some of the fabric that my mother had stored.  Now, she went up into her attic to find a piece so that we could add it to the pillow to dress it up.  I picked out a red and white cotton piece that was printed with squares.  It was fabric that I remember making a skirt or dress out of when I was maybe 6 years old??


snow trip, nola, miss, nc, va 088 


Here’s BK happily quilting my piece of red and white fabric.


snow trip, nola, miss, nc, va 084


And here I am struggling with the inner lining of the pillow.  It took a long time to make this sucker.  But I finally finished it except for stuffing.


Back In Italy I started the search for stuffing.  It was actually easy than I expected.  The shop next to Paci, our hardware store, has fabric and stuffing.  I was able to get a bag of polyfiber fill and a piece of foam rubber for 12 Euros.  Probably close to what I would have paid for it in the US.


Stuffing it was really hard.  It actually took about 2 hours to stuff it and finish sewing it up.  I wish BK had been her to help with that.


slow cooker packages 010


And here’s the finished project!  You can just see the cool pocket on the left side of the arm, lined with the red and white fabric.  Note the quilted headrest, personalized with my name, made out of a piece of fabric from my childhood by my best friend.


But what you don’t see is Ben’s look of astonishment and disbelief.  Unknowingly I have made the ‘Berlin Wall’ of our bed.  I have finally staked out my space in the bed. No more stray elbows poking me or arms flopping over in the middle of the night.  Why oh why, didn’t I get one of these earlier????



  1. Judy Davis-Smith

    I loved this post! So like our bed but I don’t have a pillow like yours. Wonder if I could get my lap desk w. my laptop between the arms? I so often sit up in bed while I read my emails and blog feeds (that’s where I am right now at the sinful time of 2 in the afternoon!!) My favorite place to do my computer reading with no distractions of TV. I truly love been retired!

  2. BK

    I’m so glad your pillow turned out so well!!!!!!!!

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