Do we know you?


March snow 008


Oh no, this is not Elizabetta!  And in her spot too!


March snow 009


In addition to this one there is also an Elizabetta look-a-like, except with longer, silkier fur, and  there is ‘Socks’ a young black male cat with white legs (hence the name).  Are these all friends of Elizabetta or just passersby? 


And does the question of the title mean do I know this cat or does it mean do I know who this woman is who can identify a ‘young black male cat’ and has given him a name???????   This is a serious lapse for a ‘dog person.’


Don’t get me wrong.   I like cats.  It is just that given a choice I would pick a dog, bird or chicken first before a cat.  But now it seems that I am surrounded by cats.  So much so that I have a ‘cat’ sweatshirt that I put on before venturing outside.  Much to Ben’s amusement, Elizabetta now jumps on me and has to be carried around when I walk outside.  My one sweatshirt has been so snagged by her nails and I don’t want another one to be ruined so I just put on the snagged one.  What has happened here?


But we are looking forward to a visit from Chino in mid-March.  Just in time to watch basketball together. 


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