Happy Anniversary Italy

Thursday, March 17 is being celebrated as the 150th anniversary of the formation of Italy as a united country.  Before 1861 Italy was a loose collection of cities and city-states.  At that same time, America was close to 100 years old and already having a civil war. 


March 2011 sunset 002

The sign at our local grocery announcing the store will be closed.


carnevale in mss 106



carnevale in mss 107


I know it will be a public holiday but don’t know what kind of celebrations there will be.  I thought this collection of streamers from Carnevale was a good symbol for the day.  Just as I am proud to be American I am also proud to be Italian.


And Ben and I both forgot until the middle of the day on Monday that it was our wedding anniversary.  I guess I should get the confetti out for us.


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  1. sherrie and franco

    Happy 150th Anniversary to Italy! And Happy Wedding Anniversary to you and Ben!!

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