Sheep May Safely Graze

I’m one of those people who thinks there should be a soundtrack to my life like in a movie, probably more so since we moved to this farm.  (I’m also one of those who sings, hums, whistles, to the annoyance of others.)  And here, some days when I look out the window that wonderful classical piece immediately comes to mind.


march 2011 sheep 001


march 2011 sheep 004


The sheep are from a nearby farm and are brought down by one of the Tigli brothers to graze across the street in our pasture. 


march 2011 sheep 006


You can just the farmer in blue as he walks along with them.  If the windows are open or I am outside I can hear them as they arrive, their bells tinkling or their soft baas.  It really is one of the joys of living here. 


Last week, the last full week of March, I think we might have had the last of freezing/below freezing temps.  I am hoping by this weekend to move the citrus trees out of their prison.  And my hydrangeas too.  They are leafing out and will need all the good sun to bloom.  Daffs are opening. (Do you think you’ll miss seeing pics of those?)  And the birds are going crazy.  I think it is reliably Spring now! 


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  1. My daffodils are just about over after five weeks of golden blooms, what a difference a few hundred kilometres north and maybe a little higher makes.

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