What’s new in the guest house?

A number of small things.  First, the wonderful Richard was here last Fall and fixed the wall under the window giving it the nice ‘chair rail’ effect paint job that you see below.  He and I also shuffled around the pictures and added this landscape.  Then at Christmas I found at the Iper-COOP these great Florence scene pillows. 

daffs and guest house 2011 055


The are a black and white shot except the Duomo and bell tower are tinted.  I think they look great with the ‘Florence in the Snow’ photo that Paolo’s brother gave me.  There is also another of these pillows on the chair.  (I mean, how could I resist?)


daffs and guest house 2011 056


I also discovered a web site where I could print off in English, the weather forecast.  The blue and yellow card is a temperature conversion guide, Celsius to Fahrenheit.    We have added heat, courtesy of the kerosene heaters that our friends Teri and Ray moved over with their belongings.  There is a wi-fi connection now.  And the constant ‘guard services’ of Elizabetta. 

daffs and guest house 2011 058


Okay, so it is all here waiting for you to visit.  There is still some time this summer and a little bit of time in September.  Are you planning?  We will only be here through Summer, 2012.  Better schedule a trip soon!



  1. Natacha

    So beautiful! I love your new elements!
    Love, Natasha and Helio

  2. Michael

    Missy – you are not answering my emails! Oh well, so much for my trying to help your guest house business!

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