Garden Successes and Plans

Spring has really arrived.  We have had a string (over a week) of lovely, just right temps, lots of sunshine, not too much wind days.  Great weather to get out in the yard and do something other than MOW grass.  Elizabetta and I have been talking about what we are going to plant this year.  When the wall in front of her secret garden was repaired last year, a nice flat stone border was laid on top.  Elizabetta thinks this is a a great place for pots and pots of flowers.  I am still waiting for her to dig into her allowance to give me money for all these pots and pots of flowers.


daffs and guest house 2011 052

These are the pansies that I set out last winter.  Before we left for the states, I intended to move them to a more protected area but forgot.  I expected to return and find them all frozen and dried out but somehow they were not.  It really has not taken much coaxing at all to produce these full blooms.


Elizabetta and I have agreed that when the pansies are finished they will be replaced with ‘drippy’ geraniums that will spill nicely down the wall.  They are not one of my favorite plants but they do very well here.  Particularly for an area that gets so much sun and heat.



daffs and guest house 2011 054


This pot of violas by the steps is also doing really well.  Haven’t decided for sure what will go here but it might be those freaky daisy type plants that come in all colors and bloom all summer.  Folks from California say that they are planted in the medians of the highways there.  I have had them before and they do very well if I am patient enough to wait until truly warm weather to set them out.


But our big plan, (and I finally got Elizabetta to agree) is instead of pinks and reds which usually dominate the color scheme it will be a riot of color.  Starting with these great pots!


daffs and guest house 2011 001


Of course I wanted all of them but settled on buying just 4 blue ones.  These will alternate with the terra cotta colored ones across the wall above the garage door.  Planted with the freaky daisy types and of course portulaca.  Lots of color this year. 



  1. Our pansies were excellent as well this year, they can always be relied upon to have smiles on their faces right through the winter.

  2. BK

    The pots are fantastic especially the purple ones (for me).
    The blue ones will add a kicky touch (as if you need one) to your wall. Does this mean no dumpster diving this year?

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