Daffodil Portrait

I see eye rolls!  Just pass this by if you don’t want to see my daffodils.  The pollen from them bothers both of us so I can’t pick them and bring them in.  Instead I take pictures.  This year I have had a lot blooms since I added a number of bulbs last fall and since Elizabetta is around to protect them from the evil little burrowing animal that eats the bulbs.  And I sprinkled crushed red pepper on the bed a few times.


daffs and guest house 2011 005



daffs and guest house 2011 007



daffs and guest house 2011 049


daffs and guest house 2011 047


Don’t think that this is the last you’ll see of daffs.   Oh nooo!  More to come.



  1. sherrie and franco

    beautiful!! I am allergic to daffys too.. so we don’t bring them in the house either.. we just enjoy them from afar!!

  2. Jane Mirko

    Absolutely glorious!! I remember the geraniums on the California highway medians and the first time I saw them as a relocated Easterner, that they were a splended sight. People had them planted all over the place there. Imagining your climate is very similar to Southern California, you should also have a profusion of blooms. There is another one, gallardia (sp?) daisies that were/are in profusion there. After a while we’d get tired of them since they never died. Love the pansy shots.

  3. Your flowers are beautiful! There are a perfect post for spring.

  4. BK


  5. Mollie

    Lovely! Wish we could see them in person, but we’re looking soooo forward to being there in June!
    Mollie and Ted

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