Church of the Living Rock Update

Those of you who know me, know that I have an imagination.  A very active one.  Throughout the years I have used it as a way to pass time when I am doing something repetitive, mind numbing and boring… like cutting grass. 


The first Spring we were here and I was walking around on the property with Richard, (one of the owners) he was telling me how rocks just rise up from the ground and that the house is built on ‘living rock’.  Oh my, I thought.  That sounds like a name of a church in the south (deep American south, North Carolina, Georgia, that sort).  The House of the Living Rock.  The Church of the Living Rock.  I liked the last and so the name and idea stuck in my mind.  Later as grass cutting season progressed there was a part of the yard that I did not cut because of the rocks in the area.  The crickets and many others took refuge there while Harry, the lawn mower, and I were laying waste to a perfectly good collection of weeds and grasses.  Soon I came to call that area of the yard The Church of the Living Rock.  And the crickets that hung out there are the ‘Cricket Choir.’  They are very devoted to rehearsing and performing.  And for guests in the guest house during the summer, one of the highlights of staying here is to enjoy their daily devotionals, chants and hymns. 


All told, I’m guessing that I (along with Harry) mow about an acre.  I don’t try to do it all at once, instead dividing the property up and mowing for an hour or two at a time.  There is the back yard, the front yard, the ‘Rosemary Allee’, (not alley but the French Allee) and the ‘lower 40’.  The lower 40 is named that from the ‘Ode to Billy Joe’ song that is usually sung while mowing it.  (“And I got the lower forty that I got to plow”)  (if you don’t know the song look it up..and those of you who do, let me know when you stop singing it, now that I have planted it in your mind)  I cut a  path through The Church of the Living Rock to get to the ‘lower 40’ so I could cut down there.


Last Fall when Richard was here, he was a little dismayed that the Church of the Living Rock had expanded so much.  So he and Harry (much to the horror of the choir) cut back the space that the Church was occupying.  Then it was winter and the wild boar savaged the yard, leaving a very nasty scar through the choir loft of the Church!   I could just imagine the sadness of  the Church elders, to see the loss from the fall and now this too.  Elizabetta has reported to me that there were meetings and some city slicker lizard lawyers have been involved but a settlement has been reached.  (Undoubtedly, the fees for the lizard lawyers will be first-born crickets)  The wild boar returned to plow a more orderly area which the crickets are now petitioning to have planted with sunflower seeds. 


So I guess we’ll see how it goes.


tulip festa 121


The Church with the reduced area.  The main area of the Church being on the right where the grasses are allowed to grow tall.  Before this area extended all the way to the left with only a small path through.  The Church lost a lot of space.


tulip festa 123


The reduce Church area.


tulip festa 124


The brown is the wild boar damage where the Church hopes to have sunflowers this summer.  Watch for an update.



  1. Elena


    I loved your blog today, nice to know there is someone else who has an imagination.

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting. Glad to know that I am not the only one who has wild flights of fantasy.


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