These shots are mainly for the guys who own the house. 


Amazingly this group at the back of the property is doing very well even though I catch the deer snacking on them.


tulip festa 115 


The bush by the pond looks the best.


tulip festa 118


Last fall Richard shaped it and there are more blooms this year than last.


tulip festa 120 


But the bush by the front drive doesn’t look as good as last year. 


tulip festa 117


I wish I could send you the fragrance.



  1. Our lilac does not seem as fragrant as the wisteria this year.

  2. Teri

    I have a lilac bush (tree?) in my garden, as well. I cut about 6 flowers and put them in a vase and you can smell them throughout the house! I love them!

  3. we had those when I was growing up but they don’t grow here where I live now. They bring back wonderful memories.

  4. I never had them in North Carolina. But never understood why. Our clmate here is actually milder than Carolina’s so it can’t be that it is not cold enough. It turned out to be a good year for them.

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