Tulip Festival

We were off to the Tulip Festival on Sunday, April 10, meeting our friends George and Jules and their guests there.  It is held in the hill town of Castiglione del Lago which is sits on the hill rising from Lago Trasimeno. 


daffs and guest house 2011 027




tulip festa 087

We were there on Sunday when the giant parade is.  Each neighborhood makes a float covered in tulip petals.  They are huge, completely filling the small streets.  Not sure how they get the tulip petals to stay so fresh looking.  There are other activities besides the parade and many many people.


tulip festa 064

Looking up towards the town with tulip petals lining the stone banister.  We walked around, had drinks, lunch and then came back to the farm.  The whole day cost us about 50 Euros.  While we had fun, the event is not well organized and I will not go out of my way to return again.  Shuttles were running but there were no signs to tell you where to catch them and the lunch tent that we ate at was so badly organized that I was embarrassed for George and Jules’ guests.  But occasionally that happens.  Good thing we know that other festas and sagras are well run and enjoyable events.


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