Guests, Guests! Hooray for Guests!

It is that time of year and our first guests have arrived.  We were so excited. 


tulip festa 002


Time to meet them, snack on lots of goodies and enjoy some fizzy pink wine.


tulip festa 035


They timed their visit perfectly for our first period of great weather. 


tulip festa 038


They were enjoyable guests to start the season with.  We had a lot of fun laughing and talking.  A little bit of a break before our next group but I’ll need that time to cut grass.



  1. Jane Mirko

    Beautiful table….was one of the appetizers papadew peppers stuffed with cream cheese???? … of my favorites.

  2. Not peppers but slightly larger than cherry tomatoes. But I have seen those peppers but, dried I think. Here Kraft has a new cream cheese on the market that is softer inside and a little richer. Really good I used that.

  3. Judy Davis-Smith

    Beautiful spread! Wish I was going to be in your area when I come to Italy this fall!

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