Meredith Luncheon

Regular readers know that the college that I finally graduated from, Meredith College in Raleigh, NC, has a year-round semester abroad study program.  Every semester Ben and I are invited over to meet the students and have lunch.  This semester there is a new faculty director, Dr. Catherine Rodgers.  (at Ben’s side below)  (In the future be sure to watch for the young woman with black hair and a black top sitting next to her.  She is leaving Meredith to attend the CIA, hmmm… a good pastry chef.  Maybe she will come back to Italy and open a shop somewhere so we can finally have some decent croissants)




tulip festa 032


We enjoyed a lovely lunch and listening to the students talk about their experiences. 


This is an excellent program, allowing young women to travel and live abroad in a SAFE environment.  So many of the obstacles that students in other study abroad programs face (finding an a place to live on your own in a big city, living with someone from another school, learning how to cook and buy groceries for all your meals and on and on) are removed while all (and more) of the ‘abroad’ experiences are there (language and cultural classes, regular formal interaction with the community (students volunteer teach in English classes at Italian schools and have a host Italian family) class trips to see what they are learning…I could just go on and on).  Young women from other colleges or universities are allowed to attend.  I am strongly pushing for my cousin (who was a bridesmaid at my wedding.  How British, I had a 3 and a 4 year old stand up with me all those years ago)  to plan for a semester here.  The trustees, faculty and staff of Meredith should be very proud of this program.  And here’s a link


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