Updates on Esselunga, Cider and the Crickets

A few weeks ago you might remember reading about our favorite grocery, Esselunga in Arezzo.  https://friendsandfamilyinitaly.wordpress.com/2011/03/24/you-just-gotta-love-esselunga/  Well, one morning I was surprised by a woman at our door.  Of course I was still wandering around in my robe at 11:30 (the grass was not yet dry enough to start cutting) and generally not quite up to speed with the rest of the world.  And now I was having a conversation in Italian, one sided of course, very rapid Italian too.  After a good bit of confusion on my part I finally understood that this nice woman was married to one of the managers of the Esselunga in Arezzo.  And he wanted to bring me a gift.  When would we be here?  So we settled on details, she went off and I wandered back into the house. 


Sunday morning, true to his word, here was the store manager, his wife and son at our door.  (I had managed to be awake and dressed this time, overalls, ready for grass cutting.  Didn’t want to go too overboard)  He had a letter and a really nice bottle of wine.  It seems that at corporate headquarters someone had read my blog!  WOW is this cool or what.  I seized the opportunity to suggest that Americans all over Italy would flock to Esselunga if only they would sell Kraft Cheddar Cheese.  The manager and I worked out that if I provided some more info about cheddar cheese he would try to get it in stock. 

thigs from dinah 056


On my next trip in I dropped off printouts from the web all about Kraft cheddar cheese.  So here’s hoping it will arrive. 


So what does all this have to do with cider?  You might remember another posting a few weeks back,  https://friendsandfamilyinitaly.wordpress.com/2011/04/07/the-cider-story/ .  As we shop at Esselunga, I have always joked with Ben as we turned down the beer aisle, that  “Today would be the day!  Hard cider will be here on the shelf!”   And we would laugh.  But guess what, hard cider has arrived at the Esselunga!


Trish and doug, guazzino 026


StrongBow Gold.  HMMMMMM! very good.  Not too big of a bottle.  A little bit pricy, 1.30 Euros a bottle but very good!


And now the crickets.  Please recall the cricket story.  https://friendsandfamilyinitaly.wordpress.com/2011/04/17/church-of-the-living-rock-update/  The weather has warmed enough and the crickets are in full voice.  Elizabetta informed me that the crickets felt it was time to plant the sunflower seeds.  I had discussed with my neighbor, Alessio, the plan of planting sunflower seeds in areas that the wild boar had so nicely ‘plowed’ for me.  And in his Italian accented, perfect British English Alessio said “ But Marrrrttttha! the wild boar will only come back to eat the seed you plant.”  I had already bought the seed so I thought, if they come back, they come back, I’ll just plant and see what happens.

I started planting.  I realized I was about to be interrupted by our yearly visit from the Jehovah’s Witness.  (We get a special Jehovah’s Witness who speaks English) (We must be on a map of non-Italian speakers)  So I carefully laid down my spade and bag of seed and when off to chat with him.  (I briefly considered telling him that I was doing the Lord’s bidding by planting seed for the crickets at The Church of the Living Rock, but figured that somehow this guy would not understand that)  The Jehovah’s Witness and I finished our chat and I walked back to start planting.  But wait!  Why is there a line of sunflower seeds marching through the grass?  What is going on?  Closer inspection revealed that a platoon of ants had happened upon the seeds that had not been planted and each ant had hoisted a seed up and was carrying it off to headquarters.  They must have thought they had hit the mother lode!  This much food and we won’t have to come out again until at least June! 

So now on this rainy afternoon do you think there is some ant blogging about how he talked that woman who pushes around that noisy lawn mower into stocking premium sunflower seeds right outside our door???

I guess we’ll just never know for sure.



  1. Michael

    Kraft cheddar cheese! Kraft!! Oh my gosh. I am surprised at you Martha. There is so much better cheddar cheese than Kraft…tons from England…you should have told them to import the really good Irish or English cheddar.

  2. I think I can speak for many Americans when I write that we would take ANY Cheddar cheese. I suggested Kraft to the store manager since there are so many other Kraft products in the store.

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