Things from Dinah and Allen, Part 3

Please read parts 1 and 2 first so this will make sense.


There are a lot of pretty textiles.  I’ll just finish with those.


cast fior sagra, doug, trish, pat, dave 033


I think this was a chair cover or a pillow.  See the damage to the left.  I’m thinking that a dog or cat did some scratchin’ or chewin’ on this.


cast fior sagra, doug, trish, pat, dave 035


This is detail of the embroidery on a long silk night gown.  It is just so pretty. 


cast fior sagra, doug, trish, pat, dave 032


Not everything was fabric or pretty.  Some of it was just too cute.  Like this metal box.  It must have been sold with some type of food packed in it.  The squares around the sides tell a story.  And it was just the perfect size to keep all my bottles of paint in.  So I think I’ll keep this.



While I was sorting and packing all this up there were some people that I wished had been with me to help but also to enjoy it as much as I did.  My friend BK, Ben’s daughter Maria (who was such a big help when I packed up my parents’ house) and a young woman who lives in England that I don’t know but whose blog I read.  Mademoiselle Poirot  .  All three of these folks have good eyes for design and taking things and repurposing them.  Just being creative with things.  But now I have them all.  And it is up to me to either sell or use it. 


One more part, ceramics…


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