Guazzino, Feste delle Rocche

We were in Guazzino, a small town outside Sinalunga, about 30 minutes from Monte San Savino with our guests Trish and Douglas for the Feste delle Roche.  This event is centered around a religious observance which is in some way tied to the date of Easter.  So we know that it happens after Easter.  Ben and I had been watching for it because they serve such good steaks.

Trish and doug, guazzino 012


We were there on Saturday, May 7, the next to last night.  On Sunday, May 8th the race for the palio (or banner) was held.  The race is interesting but once you have seen it, unless you live in the town, there is no real need to see it again.  Here are some of the banners that this neighborhood in Guazzino has won in the past. 



Trish and doug, guazzino 014

We were there for the food and to see this nice man who now remembers us and greets us so warmly.


Trish and doug, guazzino 015


In addition to great steaks this sagra has a unique antipasto plate.  From the top, Tuscan salami, bruschetta with spicy tomato sauce, a light tuna spread, cream cheese with peanuts, a truffle spread, prosciutto and in the center a small toast with salmon spread. 

You know how I get carried away with eating and drinking and sometimes picture taking stops.  Sorry.  But the steak was really good.  And my hot steak salad the next day was good too.



  1. thanks for the nice words you wrote. I hope that next year you’re still our guests for the anniversary of our little town.

  2. We will do our best to be there. Be sure to let me know when it is.

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