French Cheetos

Ben and I were at the Lidl, (a German chain of grocery stores)  (amazingly similar feel to a Food Lion) to buy bottled water.  The Lidl that we go to is just outside of Sinalunga, about a 25 minute drive a way from the farm.  We go there because they sell the water bottled in Monte San Savino.  Haven’t found it else where but I’m sure it might be sold in town somewhere.  What makes a trip to the Lidl worthwhile is the ‘specialty weeks’.  A few weeks ago it was Asian week and when we were there this time it was French week.  Just had to try..


dried pasta, karolis and laura 033 


French Cheetos.  They were actually pretty good.  Better than Italian Cheetos, not as good as real Cheetos but in a pinch perfectly acceptable.  Very crunchy, which I like, and a good cheese flavor but not cheddar which we all crave and miss. 

I am down to my last bag of real Cheetos and my last 6 pack of Miller Lite beer.  Looks like it will be a very deprived summer.  Oh BOO HOO,  I have such a difficult life.


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  1. Sherrie and Franco

    we will have to see if we can do something about the Cheeto problem,,, the beer.. ???


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