Oh gosh, Ben has infected me!

Ben and I have a joke (which is true as many of you know) that he likes to fill any available horizontal space with things, also know as ‘Ben droppings’.  You know, flyers he picks up, maps, receipts, notes about sagras, anything, but usually paper.  These items build up in layers.  And it is similar to an archeological dig when I go through them. 


On the same subject, but not really what I started to write about.  Back in March when our friends, George and Jules were getting ready to vacation in New York City, Ben turned to me, with a completely straight face and asked, “Before we moved, I had a laminated map of Manhattan that I would like to loan to George and Jules.  Do you know where it is?” 

I just turned and walked out to the terrace to have a glass of wine, but you know, no jury of women would have convicted me of murder.  It has been almost 4 years since we have moved from Northern Virginia to Italy.  Why hasn’t he unpacked and come across this map since then?  And who the f**& moves a map of Manhattan to Italy anyway?????  I mean it is not like we travel to NYC every year.  And even if we did, we have our friends Nina and Mario to help us navigate a city that is laid out in a grid pattern.  I mean really…


Anyway, I started to write about how I am now filling all the available horizontal space in the house.  In addition to all the other things that I packed up from Dinah and Allen (see the 4 part posts ‘Things from Dinah and Allen’ from several days ago)  I also have boxes and boxes of china and glassware and household goods.  I am trying to sell most of it and have contacted an antique dealer in town, who is a friend of the folks who own the house.  She agreed to come out and take a look.  Fortunately for me she speaks English and she knows where we live.  (two major hurdles to overcome)  So anticipating her visit, I have unpacked the better items so that she can see them all.



dried pasta, karolis and laura 026


I like the tall green oversized goblets.  They would make great containers for flower arrangements on a long table at Thanksgiving or Christmas.  But you need a big table and you need a place to store something like that when it is not in use.


dried pasta, karolis and laura 029


I also like the old glass jars and colored glass in the window with the sun coming through.



dried pasta, karolis and laura 030


And again the linens.  You see, I really am filling every horizontal space in the house.


Well, the woman from the antique shop came and looked and bought nothing!  I have tried to sell the linens online to the Expat community.  While there has been a lot of interest no one seems willing to drive anywhere to see them or actually spend money on them.  And so now I am slowly taking things down to the consignment shop in MSS.  And even they are being really fussy.  What I thought would be so easy has turned out to be a real ongoing project and sort of a burden.  I am aware that I could just chuck it all in the trash but I just hate being so wasteful.  Oh well, I’m sure I’ll work something out before we have to move in 12 to 15 months.  And I promise that once we have moved, if I turn to Ben and ask “ You know those big green goblets that I got from Dinah and Allen, where are they?”  he can just turn and walk away.


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