“What a week!” Guest Post by Elizabetta

Editor’s note:  Elizabetta, the cat who lives with us, wanted her people, John and Richard to know just how difficult life has been for her lately.  Instead of letting her phone them I told her she could have a guest post.


Well, it started when that cat Chino showed up again.  I tell you, he is just like a bad penny.  A bad British penny at that!  (he doesn’t say much but that accent!  He lives in Italy, why doesn’t he speak Italian?)  He was only supposed to be here for a few days but that was 16 days AGO!  And he is all the time in and out of the house just because he can.  And his breath!  I don’t know what kind of food he eats but it doesn’t smell like what I eat.  I just bet he is one of those fussy eaters.  You know the type.  Anyway, he catches a lizard, but doesn’t even bother to eat it.  I mean, what’s up with that?  Oh, noooo, he drags it in the house.


end of may 2011 003


Then I have to listen to that woman who lives here carrying on and on about it and screaming and such.  And she threw it away!  A perfectly good lizard.  What a waste.  Well, that same woman got the idea that I have worms again.  Really!  She tried to trick me.  But I figured it out.  She got out Chino’s box.  (Yeah, he’s got a box to ride in the car in.  What a light weight)  Anyway, I played like I was happy that it was out and maybe he was going and then I skeedaddled!  For Sure!  I stayed away all day just to make sure she won’t drag me off to the vet.  So after it was too late to drag me off to Arezzo, the box got put up and Chino is still here.  Hmm… try to pull one over on me huh?  I wasn’t born yesterday. 

And of course there is still that juvenile, Socks, to deal with.  Teenagers, really!  I mean I know I am good looking, a princess, desirable… but honey, the age difference.  I need sophistication.  Not just some young piece of meat who shows up now and then.  Frankly, I think he is just after me for my food dish.  Ohhh, that lady who lives here might run her mouth and carry on but she sure can fill a food bowl.  Every day, very generous helpings, same thing all the time just the way I like it, almost like clock work.  Usually without me even asking, but sometimes, I do have to ask.  But that Socks, first he makes goo goo eyes at me and then at my food bowl.  And then later when I am just telling him what’s what, that woman thinks we are fighting and throws water on us.  Ohhh, she tried to cover it and claims that she was aiming for Socks but I just don’t know.  I had to go off in a huff again.  And that very same night, Socks has the nerve to come into my bedroom (you know, Dear Richard, your future studio)  (When you redo that room is there going to be a tall bookcase in there for me to sleep on?).  Well, I wasn’t just chattin with Socks then.  There might have been some things thrown at him.  And I had to scream.  And do you think that Chino came down to help me at all?  Oh no.  That woman claims that he wanted to but I sure didn’t see him.  I packed a few things and just left for a few days.  I figured that might put Socks off the scent. 


dried pasta, 2011 take 2 024


When I returned, the week started to look up when that nice guest, Trish came back.  Every afternoon, she and I just sat out back of my apartment, (you know the one you all gave me when I turned 3.  The one, that woman who lives here won’t let me use anymore)  and had a glass of wine and then watched the sun set.  And later when they came back from dinner we would sit there and look at the stars.  She was so nice to me.  But then she left. 


end of may 2011 021


Yesterday afternoon, when I was out there supervising that woman who lives here while she was trying to put things in pots instead of paying attention to me,  she said that Chino is leaving on Sunday.  (you see how much help he’s giving her) And that more guests will be coming next week.  Maybe they will be good guests who like cats.  That women says that not everyone likes cats and I shouldn’t make a nuisance of myself.  People who don’t like cats.  I don’t believe that!  And she said that you all will be here to visit soon too.  I can’t wait.


XXXXX, Claws and Paws,



1 Comment

  1. Jane

    Cats rule…dogs …drool or whatever. Glad to see your inner cougar coming out. Join forces with the other cats- it helps to have reinforcements when the people get out of line.
    Paws and meows out
    – your kindred spirts in Virginia – Fenway and Wrigley.

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