Dried pasta sagra (again) and the return of Trish and Douglas

On Friday, May 27 we were back at the dried pasta sagra outside of Siena, again. 



dried pasta, 2011 take 2 014


Along with us this time were Trish and Douglas, our guests from earlier in May.  We all had such fun that they decided to stay with us again after a few weeks of traveling around.  We were happy to see them and took this chance to whisk them off to another sagra.



dried pasta, 2011 take 2 015


They both ordered a mix and match combo plate of 3 pastas.  In the back is one that is a kind of flatten tube with spring vegetables, asparagus and such.  To the right is pici, a rolled spaghetti, a local specialty.  And to the left is spaghetti with a wild boar sauce.  (I think)


dried pasta, 2011 take 2 017


Ben and I each had the fried seafood.  Seafood is hard to get here so this is a big treat.


And then we wandered home.


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  1. These events are always fun, especially so with friends.

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