Cantine Aperta, May 2011 Part 1

Cantine Aperta is an event held at wineries all over Italy on the last Sunday in May.  It is a time for the public to come out to the country, visit wineries, try the wine that is just being released and enjoy time in the beautiful countryside.


dried pasta, 2011 take 2 073 


We decided to go to the nearby Chianti region.  Figuring that there would be a number of places open.  As usual it is very hard to find these places and for a whole day’s ride and half a tank of gas we only found three.  If we go to this again next year, I think we should go to another region besides Tuscany, perhaps one that will post a little more info on the web before hand.  Anyway I got some nice pictures.


dried pasta, 2011 take 2 053


Old wine making equipment at Fietri, Gaiole in Chianti where I bought a nice bottle of rose.  (Sorry for the life of me I can’t figure out how to get an accent mark from the writing program that I publish from)


dried pasta, 2011 take 2 055


A cool collection of keys from the same place. 


Look for some more pics in 2 more posts.  You have to supply your own wine.


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