Things from Dinah and Allen Update

For years in the US I watched Antiques Roadshow.  With my first husband, we went to auctions, scoured shops and had just the most perfect Victorian furniture in our Victorian house.  We actually sold a perfectly good working station wagon and bought a two seater Fiat convertible with the hope that by having a smaller car we would stop buying large pieces of furniture.  It did not stop us.  We just stopped driving to auctions instead going with our friends Jim and BK in their big car.  When we were preparing to move from Raleigh to Wilmington, North Carolina, I had a mover in for an estimate.  In our 7 room house there were 15 sofas and love seats. 


But I digress.  The point is, that with all that time spent buying and in the end selling things, I felt like I had a handle on reselling used items.  Not that I want to make it a permanent job or anything, but when our friends Dinah and Allen so generously allowed me to take what I wanted from the place that they just bought, I figured I could sell a few things and make a little bit of money.  I was hoping for a few hundred Euros so I could buy myself a sewing machine and perhaps have a portion of the cost of a new pair of glasses. 


As we have seen in previous posts, the lady from the antique store did not want any of it.  So that left the used furniture/junk store which takes things on consignment.  Okay, fine, I thought. 


Before taking things to them I thought I would go to the ironmonger and take him the very HEAVY, painted red, iron bedsteads.  By the time I saw these at Dinah and Allen’s the bed had been taken apart.  As best I can figure, there must have been something built into the wall that held up these two single bed headboards side by side so that they made a headboard for a larger (queen or king size) bed.  There are no slots in the bedsteads for side rails or to attach to anything.  They are just big and heavy and red. 


The ironmonger didn’t want them because they were singles.  The consignment shop didn’t want them because there were no side rails.  Well, great!  I’m stuck with a real pig in a poke now.  I guess I’ll have to sell them for scrap if I can figure out where the scrap yard is.  In the mean time I have to get them out of the back of the car AGAIN and decide to just prop them up against the side of the house.  They actually looked pretty nice against the stone wall.  And then I remembered a post I had read by my blog friend Linda (  At a garden festa she had seen an old ladder propped up and used to hang plants.  I could do the same thing.


end of may 2011 016


And it actually looks kind of cute.  Sort of goes with the bed and breakfast theme.  And a step up from rusting cars in the yard. (not that there are any of those)  And I don’t have to worry about it blowing away.


Finally I made it down to the consignment shop.  Man, are they fussy.  They will not take anything that is cracked or chipped.


battifolle, judith, natasha 011


And there is some ‘set’ standard.  See the four cups and saucers.  (for some reason the pattern reminds me of The Jetsons)  One of the cups is cracked.  They would not take them because of that.  They would not take just three.  Nope, I had to bring them all back.  And see the glass thing in front.  It is one of those things that goes on a candlestick to catch the wax as it drips.  So if you just had one candlestick (which people do)  or you had broken one of a set wouldn’t you go to a junk store to look for another one?  Same thing with the two globes/glass chandeliers.   I just don’t know.  But I am thinking I need some sort of creative thing to do with my rejects.


Anyway, I have been taking things down, a few boxes at a time and now after two weeks I have sold something!  Several religious objects were sold.  At last, a reward for all the work I have done.  20 Euros!  Whooo hooo!  I have set the money aside.  50 more and I might be able to get a sewing machine.


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