Hummingbird Moth

In the US, in the summer, on our back deck were pots and pots of flowers.  These flowers attracted hummingbirds.  The hummingbirds would fight to feed at these flowers.  Our dog did not like them at all.  Here we do not have hummingbirds.  Let me be clear, I miss hummingbirds but do not miss squirrels.


But we do have what I have always called hummingbird moths.  I just happened to catch this fellow as he worked over the geraniums.


battifolle, judith, natasha 002


battifolle, judith, natasha 003


battifolle, judith, natasha 004


battifolle, judith, natasha 005


battifolle, judith, natasha 007


Pretty cool, huh?



  1. BK

    Really cool!!! We have not seen a hummingbird moth this summer. Maybe they’ll visit later.

  2. sherrie and franco

    those are cool!! too bad that hummingbirds are not native there.. we have them here.. pretty fun to watch.. good photos of the moths! nice job!!

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