And how are the citrus trees doing?

I know all of you are just dying to know this.  I do worry about the citrus trees.  And when they are first brought out in the spring they can look pretty bad.  But with a little attention and some fertilizer they perk right up.



battifolle, judith, natasha 012


In April, when these first came out, the one on the far left had a few bugs.  My friend Keith, who was helping me move them, was advising a major insecticide  spraying program.  Instead I sprayed them every day with a strong stream of water and picked a lot of disgustingly squishy things off, gave them all some food and now look how good they look. 


battifolle, judith, natasha 017


And they are all blooming.  So baring any hail we should have a good crop.


battifolle, judith, natasha 019


And their winter housemates the geraniums managed to avoid getting sunburned this year.  I hardened them off by setting them in the doorway for a week or so before moving them completely  outside.  They will have more blooms soon.  I just started feeding them.


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  1. Jane Mirko

    What’s in the pots in front of the citrus? They look like agapanthus, orchids, day lillies, Chinese orchids – all big performers in California. How I envy your garden.

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