Ted’s List

Our friends, Ted and Mollie were visiting from California.  When they stayed with us 2 years ago I figured out that Ted is a very ‘high energy’ person while Mollie is very calm, happy just to chillax and enjoy being on the farm.  So I made Ted a list.  (Future guests, beware!  I never miss a chance to exploit a friendship.  I did the same thing for my friend Jim last year) 


ted and mollie 042

Ted got right on his list.


ted and mollie 041

While he was not able to completely fix the handle on the window in my bathroom, he did get it to the point where I can open and shut the window again.  It was getting a little tropical in there if I took a bath without any air circulating.



ted and mollie 051

He also fixed the wheel barrow wheel, the lawn mower wheel, the toilet seat in the guest house and he helped me put a clothes line  closer to the house.  I still don’t understand why the wine bottle is there but it tightens it up somehow???

And in August, I’ll show you one more thing that he helped me with.  We all had a great time being together.  Maybe next year they will come back for the big move!


1 Comment

  1. Mollie

    …and moved 48 bags of wood pellets for the pellet stove. But whose counting?


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