Yes, I voted!

One of the privileges and duties of being a citizen in democratic country is to vote.  And I voted in the recent elections held on June 12 and 13 here in Italy.


My voting place is at the elementary school here in town.  I rely on our neighbor, Alessio to fill me in on the issues.  This is what he wrote to me.


Yes you must vote. As a matter of fact it is fundamental that you vote.

The queries are the following:

Nuclear Power. If you vote yes (SI) you are voting against the construction of new nuclear power sites in Italy.

Water: Not that the matter regards us directly but if you vote yes (si) water remains a public good. If you vote no water gets privatised with obvious consequent speculations on the price. On water there are 2 queries and yes seems the most correct answer for both.

Legittimo Impedimento,

This is the law that has been made to defend Berlusconi from his court trials while being prime minister. If you vote yes (si) the law changes and consequently Berlusconi can be processed like any other citizen. For example a trial like Clinton had for the Lewinsky affaire in italy at the moment could not happen because the law of legittimo impedimento protects the top state authorities. Personally I believe that whatever your position in government is, if you do something wrong you should be judged.

So we stopped at the school on our way somewhere and I popped out and voted.  It is done the old fashioned way.  Paper ballots and a pencil.  You just mark a big X through the box. 


ted and mollie 043


After marking the X, fold the paper back up.  Walk out and find the boxes that have matching colors on them.  Drop in the ballots and that’s it.



ted and mollie 054


On Wednesday, this appeared on the wall outside the ‘main’ post office (the one in town, across from City Hall)  It shows the results from the election.  In MSS, as well as throughout Italy, all the issues passed.  No more nuclear plants can be built, water will not be privatized and Berlusconi can be prosecuted. 


And you can see from the small orange wedge in the ‘pie chart’ that not many folks voted.  But I am proud to say that I did. 


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    how interesting.. good to know that a country leader can / should be treated like everyone else when he needs to be.. Way to go martha for making that vote.. its your right and responsiblity as a Italian citizen.. and a priviledge!!

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